I miss, laying my head on your thighs,
Like milk and honey, your soft hands,
Caressing my head, miles on end. Minds
Flying higher, humming a tune of peace.
Feeling loved the way a woman loves
Her lover, loves herself, loves her child,
At home, at last. Home, sweet home.

I had found a home in you,
Safe inside your bare arms,
Tired body seeking rest and water, soon
Vulnerable, loving, and true to myself.
My feet dancing, my soul healing, inside
Every room, corner of this beautiful home.
A home that was so good I clung to its
Every wall, fingers and nails hanging on,
Desperate to stay, home, by any means,
Scared of letting go, of leaving once again,
And crawling back to mine, where fear of
Abandonment, pain, loneliness reside(d).
Pause. Breathe. Be kind and go back in.
Come home. Home, within you.

Go back in.
Home. Hone in.
And truly heal. Seek truth,
Solace within. Till your home's
Filled with love, kindness to self.
Your soul's fed. Hers too. Your cup's filled. Hers too.
Two souls full. How truly wonderful would that feel?


Photography: Alexandre Tako
Art Direction / Poem: Aristide Loua
Models: Lafalaise Dion x Aristide Loua

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