Femme Fatale

She always had a way with men, 
Could win them to her side, 
She had them eating from her hand
Although she never tried; 

She wasn't such a beauty, 
No special spell she cast, 
Yet still they sought her company
Each falling hard and fast; 

She was just the girl next door -
Petite and cute and bright, 
No flaming pageant beauty
Yet around her shown a light

That held a strange attraction -
No one could ever blame
Those unsuspecting victims
Like moths drawn to her flame; 

But that was many years ago
When youth was in its prime, 
No one has made the effort since
To occupy her time, 

Yet fervent hope still burns there
Down deep within her soul, 
Although the heart that blazed with fire
Now smolders black as coal; 

The flame has lost its radiance, 
The light has lost its glow, 
The femme fatale has disappeared
Where passions never flow; 

She sits alone and daydreams
Lost somewhere in her past, 
Caught up in wistful memories
Of loves she thought would last; 

So sad she still remembers
Those loves of long ago, 
But ask her who she is today..........
In truth, she doesn't know. 

Film - Photo: Alexandre Tako
Art Direction / Styling : Aristide Loua
Poem: Femme Fatale - Linda Ori

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