Ella I

$ 995.00 USD

The Ella I, royal blue and pink, fitted and tailored, fully lined and structured, long, double breasted overcoat. Grand and imposing, the coat, worn on any shoulders, will walk in any room and demand respect and attention with effortless style.

Each piece is cut and sewn from the handwoven checkered pattern from local artisans in Ghana, plus a brass buttons finish from craftspersons based in Bassam, Côte d'Ivoire. Each material used, from fabric to buttons, has the purpose of adding some flair and sparkle to the look.

Check for length specifications on our size guide. If any desired size for the item is unavailable or not listed, please proceed with the Pre-order or Sur Mesure option. For more information on our custom orders policy, please visit here.
Suitable care and treatment of your garment will ensure its longevity.
Dry clean only.

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