By definition, a travelogue recaps a traveller's journey through written notes, films and photographs. This section serves that very purpose and offers a space to us all, fellow travel enthusiasts, writers, and content contributors in doing so. If you (individual, business, airline promoter, or travel agent) are interested in participating, collaborating, or sponsoring, you may Contact Us with the travel details and cultural experiences to guarantee of your eligibility and secure an entry spot on this platform. It's greatly recommended that your journey spans across regions or cities within the African continent, and / or shows direct parallels to the cultures and traditions of said continent, that regardless of where you travel to. From then on, your story will be featured and published on the site, within the clear aesthetic standards agreed upon, and that in close collaboration with you or any other third-party involved. Moreover, if you are only a reader or visitor, you may find specific cities or places by looking up key terms on our Search area. A listing of published stories will also be updated and available down below. We sincerely appreciate you visiting and approaching us, as your contribution towards the success of this platform is highly valued. That being said, we wish you safe travels!


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