A purely materialistic art would be like a tree which is expected to bear fruit without flowering and to sacrifice grace and beauty for mere utility.
Emperor Haile Selassie I
 The fine qualities of grace and beauty are indeed prevalent in the vision we hold for Kente Gentlemen. Each of our cloth tells a story of local craftsmanship and sartorial poetry. Moreover, the beauty in character, the respect of culture, the harmony within multiple art forms, and the appeal for ethical fashion are among the essential attributes that motivate us in setting such a positive and engaging platform. Inside which we can inspire one another to be and do better. We have plenty of ideas and projects in mind for Kente Gentlemen, which first name praises the Kente cloth, a landmark fabric and cultural icon of Africa, originating from the Ashanti Kingdom, land of our forefathers. Although our ambitions may seem bold and grandiose for some, we wish to remain respectful and unassuming  by all means. Therefore, as we continuously work towards where Kente Gentlemen should land or grow into, we would also like to call for your participation in the vision, discussion, markets, and visuals, in hopes to create, embrace, share, and inspire. 
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