The Kente Gentlemen is a brand that is harnessing the beauty and marketability of the local fabric. This textile, which is often linked to pride, culture, and heritage kindled a longing for wax-print textiles in the heart of founder, Aristide Loua in faraway Salt Lake City, Utah. “I hadn’t been home for over 8 years, and I felt the urge to represent where I am from. I remember my mother sending us a few shirts tailored from wax-print textiles. It was really heartwarming to feel something from the homeland. Till this day, I have those shirts. They are durable and of good quality. The detailing is perfect. The cut is well done and respects the design printed on the fabric”. Empowering communities is what this brand works towards. By supporting all the parties involved in a production chain that links local weavers, tailors, manufacturers, vendors, and collaborators, each fashion item is a collaborative effort.