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Senoufo Home Decor

The women are responsible for spinning the cotton into yarn and preparing the natural dyes, while men typically weave and decorate the cloth. Upon competition, the fabric is often used for clothing, decor, and many more.

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Et après l’Abissa?

Ambiance festive, chaleureuse, tambours et pas de danse endiablée dans le sable d’Azzureti! Les maquillages faits à base de kaolin, des tenues traditionnelles ethniques, aux déguisements farfelus les plus excentriques , c’est la fête de fin d’année chez le peuple N’Zima du groupe Akan.

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La Maison des Esclaves

It's year 2018, 153 years since slavery was offcially abolished in America. Yet, we still live in a world of constant marginalization, post-slavery enslavement, deshumanization, post-colonialism, and economic oppression of the black woman and black man. The world-reknowned retail store HM surely proved that to us all recently. They made a mockery of the black human being, intentionally. 

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