Introducing the Tradi-Jacket

Forget about your denim shirt jacket. That’s boring now. Or, if you are still a huge fan of it - just like me - well, add some colors and cool patterns to the casual fit. The Kente Gentlemen clothing brand would like to introduce to you the Tradi-Jacket: a shirt jacket tailored with classic clothing architecture, yet presents a whole new design. The whole fit looks and feels like a denim jacket - but, with a twist. And what’s the twist, you ask? Well, the fabric is the twist.

Every fabric for each shirt jacket is of different colors and patterns, but they all share the same story. They were all handmade by local artisans in Côte d’Ivoire. The Baoulé fabric for one, affectionately called “pagne Baoulé" , hails from the Akan people living in the central regions of the country. The weavers use a set of tenth centuries techniques to draw the design and craft the textile. It's heavier and easily washable. Discover more about The Art of Making The Baoulé Fabric ++

There’s also the Senoufo fabric, that’s handmade in the northern region of the country. We travelled to the village of Waraniéné, in the deep country to directly meet with the local artisans and design the prints that inspired these shirt jackets. Come also experience the Art of Making The Senoufo Fabric. ++

It’s always a pleasure for the Kente Gentlemen brand to closely work with the local weavers, artisans, and artists, to collaborate in the making of something so beautiful and cool. We hope to continually have the means to make more textiles and products. So, please support the vision and buy into the new cool shirt jacket. We are absolutely confident that it will make you forget about the good ole denim shirt jacket. Or at least put some color and twist to your very own collection. Shop for these looks here. Cheers.


Photography: Dave Brewer
Art Direction: Aristide Loua
Production / Text: Aristide Loua
All courtesy of Kente Gentlemen L.L.C. All rights reserved.

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