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Kente Gentlemen tells a compelling story of romance and elegance through fashion, photography, creative writing and art direction while presenting a dobale (gesture of respect) to the socio-cultural heritage of continental and diasporan Africans. Once again, Gifted54, in its quest to promote and encourage initiatives aiming at empowering our continent is proud to introduce a multifaceted brand whose striking visuals and concept illustrate and celebrate the beauty, complexity and meanings of West African fabric.

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The Kente Gentlemen is a brand that is harnessing the beauty and marketability of the local fabric. This textile, which is often linked to pride, culture, and heritage kindled a longing for wax-print textiles in the heart of founder, Aristide Loua in faraway Salt Lake City, Utah. “I hadn’t been home for over 8 years, and I felt the urge to represent where I am from.

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